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Generate passive revenue from your Internet Video Network by displaying relevant ads from Adsense and the Bing Yahoo! Network.

Direct Ads

Offer highly coveted banner ad space on your video sites to advertisers and keep 100% of the revenue.

Sell Traffic

Traffic is the most important thing every online business needs. Your Internet Video Network generates laser-targeted traffic and you can sell it easily.

Affiliate Marketing

You can generate more revenue than any other monetization device by adding high-payout affiliate offers to your Internet Video Network.

CPA Networks

Easily generate revenue by choosing high-converting CPA (Cost Per Action) offers from networks like Peerfly and Maxbounty.

CPM Networks

CPM networks pay you by the number of times you show their ads, making it extremely lucrative for high-traffic video sites

Sponsored Videos

Rent out individual pages to hungry sponsors for maximum exposure and generate recurring revenue easily.

In-Text Adverting

In-text advertising networks like Infolinks, and Vibrant Media are easy ways to create additional streams of income.

Customized for you.

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Celebrity Videos

The public’s insatiable desire for celebrity news and gossip fuels this wildly lucrative $3 billion buzz machine, generating predictable profits and traffic.


Local Videos

Business is becoming increasingly local and phenomenally profitable “home town” media video portals.


Health Videos

Our massive, aging population drives this $1.668 trillion industry, making it a proven winner for years to come.

Music & Entertainment Portals

Music Videos

Entertainment in its many forms will continue to be one of the most lucrative markets around, projected to grow from $726 billion in 2014 to 921 billion in 2017.

Travel Video Portal

Travel Videos

With the total economic impact rounding out to $7 trillion, travel and tourism is growing faster than other sectors, giving this expanding market real staying power.


Gaming Videos

Video games and platforms continue to expand, driving the desire to play. The lucrative video game market is set to reach $111 billion by 2015.


Sports Videos

The global sports industry is expected to generate close to $155 billion by 2015, recording almost 4% yearly growth thanks to obsessively loyal video-centric fans.



Millennials (those aged between 18 and 34), are twice as likely to use video to determine which company to make a purchase from — making this demographic ripe for affiliate marketing.


News Videos

It is common knowledge that newspaper readership and TV viewership are quickly declining as people switch to Internet video to get their news… and that equals opportunity!


Retail Videos

Retailers who provide online video to show off their products simply sell more. Provide your hungry market with relevant videos and drive more foot traffic to your door.

SMB Videos

Educational Videos

Online education expanding at a rapid rate and isn’t showing any signs of slowing. Today, e-learning is a $56.2 billion global industry, and it’s going to double by 2015.

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— Donna


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